Trust is important

Trusted communities and trusted connections are the best way to get recommendations that fit your values and preferences. Join the Bagel Trust Network with your community, curate content, and use the search service to get back relevant results. Firefox and Chrome extensions make curating content as simple as two clicks.

Build a trust network for your business, and use your contacts and CRM tools to preserve institutional knowledge, and make more informed decisions and engagements.

Your privacy is important, so we do not collect any personally identifiable information, and using our age-based search only requires a birth year for any minors that you are creating a profile for. We do not show any ads in our service, and do not datamine you, track your browsing activity, or sell information about you to anyone.

Basic accounts are free, and come with a second free profile, for use by a child or another person that you can create a trust network for.


Who are we?

AscendTechnology is software development and consulting company based in Michigan and New York. We're also known as Ascend Technology of NY, LLC.

What do we do?

We build software. The Bagel Trust Network is our new take on personalized web search and recommendations. Create a free personal account, now! Businesses can sign up for access here.



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